15 unique things to do in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The place with the famous Red light district. With lots of big musea and shopping possibilities. Every time I visit Amsterdam I try to discover some new and unknown places in the city. Places without lots of tourists. 15 unique things to do in Amsterdam, most of them less [...]
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Hotspots // The best places to eat in Berlin

One of the benefits of traveling alone is the freedom of what and where to eat. Berlin is one of those cities where you have enough options to get breakfast, lunch of diner. And the city is perfect voor solo travelers. Are you planning to visit Berlin? Don’t miss this list with some hotspots in […]

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Weekend Guide Groningen

Groningen, my hometown since a couple of years. A student town with the a lots of nice spots to visit. After my student period in the city, the city is changing. Lots of good restaurants are popping up and since 2020 there is a new highlight in the city: Forum. A beautiful building with a [...]
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